Christians in Academia offers a cohort of around twelve postgraduates and postdocs the opportunity to participate in a formation group with a particular focus on vocation, virtue and character in academic life.

We offer a year-round in-depth programme of readings, discussions, retreats, dinners with academics, personal mentoring (from an academic in the mentee’s field of research) and one-to-one support. Participants are also encouraged to become involved in Developing a Christian Mind’s conferences by leading discussion groups or acting as student co-conveners for discipline streams.

Each group runs from the beginning of Trinity term through to the end of Hilary term. The next round of applications will be open in Hilary 2019.

Christians in Academia benefits from strong links to the Oxford Pastorate, an historic chaplaincy that has been serving University of Oxford students since 1893, and draws on the research of the Oxford Character Project, funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

To find out more or to apply for the 2019-20 cohort email Dr Rob Heimburger 

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Indicative TermLY Programme

  • Members reflect on studies and faith - Dinner
  • Vocation: what does it mean to be called? - Badcock and Dillard readings - Lunch
  • The vocation of the learner - Griffiths and Gosler readings - Lunch
  • Academic Dean of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Tom and Judy Harvey - Dinner
  • Gratitude – A. Brooks and Lewis readings - Dinner
  • Day retreat at the Isis Farmhouse