Philosophy and Theology Stream

Knowing God, Studying God

Fri 16 March 2018 (all day)

Sat 17 March 2018: Join in the second day of the Humanities Stream, the Medical Sciences Stream, or the Social Sciences Stream

Conveners: Michael Lloyd (Theology & Religion, Wycliffe Hall), Max Baker-Hytch (Philosophy, Wycliffe Hall)

Student co-conveners: Kirsten Mackerras (Theology & Religion, St Cross College), Adrian Kumarasingham (Theology & Religion, Wolfson College), and Luke Teeninga (Philosophy, St Cross College)

How can postgraduates, postdocs, and academics at the University of Oxford approach philosophy and theology as Christians? What does it mean to respond to a Christian vocation and to honour God in university life?

The Philosophy and Theology Stream is one of five disciplinary streams that make up Seeking Wisdom, the spring conference of Developing a Christian Mind. Past attendees are encouraged to come, listen to new talks, and take part in discussion with new attendees.

The Stream takes place on the Friday. Participants are encouraged to attend one of the other streams on the Saturday, the Humanities Stream, the Natural Sciences Stream, or the Social Sciences Stream. This will enable philosophers and theologians in a quest for wisdom, gaining a more integrated vision of how worshipping God affects the life of study.


Friday 16th March

9:00 am Registration begins at New College

9:30 am Session 1 (Sarah Williams will be speaking at one of the sessions)

11:00 am Coffee & tea

11:30 am Session 2

1 pm Lunch at New College

2:00 pm Session 3

3:30 pm Coffee & tea

4:00 pm Panel-led discussion


The following events are at New College, joint with all streams.

5:30 pm Prayer

6:00 pm Drinks

6:45 pm Dinner at New College


Saturday 17th March

Join in Day 2 of:

The Humanities Stream

The Medical Sciences Stream

The Social Sciences Stream