DCM Social Sciences stream: lunchtime gatherings in 2018-9

If you are a postgraduate or academic in the social sciences at Oxford or Oxford Brookes and would like to receive email invitations to these lunches, please email Donald Hay (donaldahay@gmail.com) to be added to the list.

The purpose of these gatherings is to provide continuity around the main DCM conferences, enabling participants in the Social Sciences stream to keep in contact. Sandwich lunch will be provided. The schedule is:  

MT      -1th Week        Friday 28 September                             Reunion after Long Vac
            3rd Week         Monday 22 October                               Welcome at Nuffield hosted by Andrew Dilnot

HT       2nd Week          Saturday/Sunday 26/27 January           First DCM conference             
6th Week           22 February                                           Nuffield, hosted by Andrew Dilnot
9th week           Friday/ Saturday 15/16 March              Second DCM conference

TT        2nd Week          9 May                                                       Jesus College, hosted by Donald Hay
6th Week          7 June                                                  Jesus College, hosted by Donald Hay
10th Week        2 July                                                    Farewell, Nuffield hosted by Andrew Dilnot

Each session 12.45 to 14.15.

Suggested topics for discussion:

22 February: [follow up from first DCM conference] Exploring the idea of vocation to academic work, and its significance for how we go about our study and research. Preliminary consideration of where the methods/ content of our fields seem to be in conflict with our Christian faith

9th May: [follow up from second DCM conference] Review of talks on ‘Can the social sciences be trusted?’ Sharing responses in small groups, and exploring implications for our study and research.

7th June: Conversation with a Christian academic from the social sciences, sharing experience of integration of faith and discipline.

2nd July: Interviews with leavers, reflecting on what they have gained from DCM and how it might impact their future career path.