Medical Sciences Stream

The Medical Sciences Stream will not be running in 2019. Those in the medical sciences are welcome to attend the Natural Sciences Stream. The 2018 Medical Sciences Stream schedule is provided below.

2018 Theme: Pilgrimages in Medical Science

Fri 16 Mar 6:45 pm dinner and Sat 17 March (all day) 2018

Lecture Room 4, New College, Holywell Street, Oxford

Senior conveners: Tim Maughan (Clinical Oncology), Joshua Hordern (Christian Ethics, Harris Manchester College)

Co-convener: Jeongyoon Choi (Biochemistry)

How can postgraduates, postdocs, and academics at the University of Oxford approach the medical and natural sciences as Christians? What does it mean to respond to a Christian vocation and to honour God in university life?

In this conference, the conveners will reflect on the pilgrimages following Christ that they have been on in their collaboration to date and in previous work. They will use the work they have done together as a launching point for thinking about maintaining a gaze fixed on Christ, and intelligence fired by Christ, and companions who follow Christ, amidst research work in medical sciences.

The Medical Sciences Stream is one of five disciplinary streams that make up Seeking Wisdom, the spring conference of Developing a Christian Mind. Past attendees are encouraged to come, listen to new talks, and take part in discussion with new attendees.


Friday 16th March

The Saturday 17th day ticket also includes the following evening events on Friday 16th. (The Natural Sciences Stream will join the Medical Sciences Stream on Saturday 17th after holding its own events on the afternoon of Friday 17th.)

The following events are joint with all streams at New College.

5:30 pm Prayer in the Chapel

6:00 pm Drinks at the Bar

6:45 pm Dinner in the Hall


Saturday 17th March

9:00 am Registration begins at New College in the North Undercroft with coffee & tea

9:15 am Prayer at New College

9:45 am Welcome and introductions

10:00 am Tim Maughan and Joshua Hordern, The gospel’s illumination in medical science – our pilgrimage in personalised, precision medicine

11:00 am Coffee & tea

11:30 pm Our pilgrimages: discussion

Kezia Gaitskell (Cancer Epidemiology)

1:00 pm Lunch in the Hall

2:00 pm Vocation and humility in the medical and natural sciences

Jeongyoon Choi (Biochemistry) and others in discussion

3:30 pm Coffee & tea

4:00 pm Concluding discussion

4:30 pm Closing