Philosophy and Theology Stream

Fri 15 March 6:45 pm dinner

Sat 16 March 2019 (all day from 9:00 am)

(Fri 15 March 2019 during the day, join in the first day of the Humanities Stream, the Natural Sciences Stream, or the Social Sciences Stream)

**The 2019 schedule will be posted soon. The 2018 schedule is provided below.

Eventbrite - Seeking Wisdom: Discipline Streams Conference 2019

2018 Theme: Knowing God, Studying God

Fri 16 March 2018 (all day)

Sat 17 March 2018: Join in the second day of the Humanities Stream, the Medical Sciences Stream, or the Social Sciences Stream

Lecture Room 6, New College, Holywell Street, Oxford

Conveners: Michael Lloyd (Theology & Religion, Wycliffe Hall), Max Baker-Hytch (Philosophy, Wycliffe Hall)

Student co-conveners: Kirsten Mackerras (Theology & Religion, St Cross College), Adrian Kumarasingham (Theology & Religion, Wolfson College), and Luke Teeninga (Philosophy, St Cross College)

As Christians we have our academic work. And we have our relationship with God. They’re not always on speaking terms.

Integrating study and worship is a challenge for students and academics of all fields, but particularly for philosophers and theologians, because our work can touch the very heart of our beliefs. Our disciplines have conventions and assumptions about what God or religion is like, and it can be hard to square these with the God we encounter in our churches and quiet times. And our study can make us aware of deeper tensions that can’t be resolved by popular pat answers.

This conference will allow postgraduates, postdocs and academics to discuss how our academic and devotional lives can inform and even strengthen each other. We’ll talk about how we can approach our study as whole people, and how we can integrate our hearts with our heads. We’ll also think about how academic life challenges our faith, looking at specific issues our disciplines raise. Join us as we learn from each other, alongside academics who have been grappling with these issues for many years.

The Philosophy and Theology Stream is one of five disciplinary streams that make up Seeking Wisdom, the spring conference of Developing a Christian Mind. Past attendees are encouraged to come, listen to new talks, and take part in discussion with new attendees.

The Stream takes place on the Friday. Participants are encouraged to attend one of the other streams on the Saturday, the Humanities Stream, the Natural Sciences Stream, or the Social Sciences Stream. This will enable philosophers and theologians in a quest for wisdom, gaining a more integrated vision of how worshipping God affects the life of study.


Friday 16th March

9:00 am Registration begins at New College in the North Undercroft with coffee & tea

9:30 am Bridging divides: what Augustine has taught me about practicing theology in the saeculum (Stan Rosenberg, Patristics, Science and Religion; SCIO and Wycliffe Hall)

11:00 am Coffee & tea

11:30 am The way of humility: loving, learning and life (Sarah Williams, History; Regent College, Vancouver)

1 pm Lunch in the Hall

2:00 pm Weaknesses of will: some philosophical reflections on St Paul’s ‘body of death’ Carl Hildebrand (Philosophy, University College)

3:30 pm Coffee & tea

4:00 pm Discussion Seminar featuring contributions from Michael Lloyd (Theology, Wycliffe Hall) and Rowan Williams (Theology, Magdalene College, Cambridge) in a video interview made for this stream

The following events are joint with all streams at New College.

5:30 pm Prayer in the Chapel

6:00 pm Drinks at the Bar

6:45 pm Dinner in the Hall


Saturday 17th March

Join in Day 2 of:

The Humanities Stream

The Medical Sciences Stream

The Social Sciences Stream